Thursday, 14 February 2013

The last hurrah

Ok, this is where it gets serious. I've signed up for the Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation program, and I'm determined to ditch the extra kilos. Enough is enough! Loads to tell already, but before I get started on those stories, I think I'd better confess....

The 12 weeks started on Monday and I've been counting every calorie and following the exercise plan to the letter. But last week was...not so good.

You know what it's like, right? You are about to make a change and all of a sudden it seems like this may well be the last time you ever get to eat, say, a whole tub of ice cream. So you don't want to waste that, do you? It seems wrong not to honour all the good times that you and the ice cream have had with one last precious night together. For me, ice cream didn't actually come into the picture (damn - why didn't I think of that?!) but Tim Tams, Anzac biscuits, and half a chocolate cake certainly did. 

Not to mention the Creme Eggs. I love these little guys. You're cruising around the supermarket or stopping to grab a newspaper and there they are, staring up at you from the counter as if to say "Hey there, had a tough day? Want a little pick me up?" It's not as bad as eating a full sized chocolate bar. And it's not too expensive, either. Suddenly it seems like it would be silly not to buy one! So you do, and you are rewarded with a great big mouthful of gooey heaven.

It was while I was chatting to a friend about these very eggs that I came to a shocking realisation. When Easter rolls around this year I will be - gulp - dieting. Disaster!! And it's not just a one-day or one-weekend chocolate fest that I'll be missing out on. Because these days the Easter goodies are crammed onto the shelves before the Christmas food has even left the clearance racks. Now, every year people moan and groan about this ("What has the world come to?! We just had Christmas!" etc etc) But the reality is that stores stock this stuff in January because people buy it. And I am those people. Let's face it, the stores just want to make money however they can. And I for one say "Hoorah for capitalism!" (PS - I am also the person across the store at the Christmas clearance rack stocking up on half price pudding).

But there are more important things in life than chocolate. And being my old, slim self again is one of them. Having the energy to keep up with my kids is another. So farewell Creme Eggs (for now). I'll always remember our time together. And maybe I'll see you again one day. But not for the next 12 weeks!


  1. be sure your little creamy chocolate friends/or foe will always be there to remind you of the happy times. Better to have devoured and gained kilos than not to have eaten at all!

  2. Well done you! I made it through Christmas 2011 and Easter 2012 (and the surrounding months) without chocolate. Right now I can't remember how! x

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